2021 Special Enrollment Period Extended to August 15

The American Rescue Plan Signed into Law

What is the new Health Insurance Enrollment Extension?

President Biden announced that the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is extending access to the Special Enrollment Period (SEP) until August 15 – giving consumers additional time to take advantage of new savings through the American Rescue Plan. This action provides new and current enrollees an additional three months to enroll or re-evaluate their coverage needs with increased tax credits available to reduce premiums.

On the previous update the deadline to enroll in a qualified health plan via the marketplace was set on May 15th, 2021 but due to the recent changes implemented and amended in the American Rescue Plan, the new deadline to enroll in a health plan is now August 15th, 2021.



What does that mean?

  1. If you still do not have health insurance, you have until August 15th to choose a plan from the marketplace.
  2. If you already picked up a health insurance plan and you would like to change the plan or carrier, you have until August 15th to make the changes.
  3. Eligibility re-determination: If you currently receive subsidy or APTC (Advanced Premium tax Credit) towards your health plan  and would like to check reconcile your credits due to enhancements amended in the American Rescue Plan, you have until August 15th.

How Can I Check my eligibility for Medicaid?

If you currently fall in the Medicaid Gap, or not eligible to receive Medicaid due to your income, you can recheck your eligibility based on the new criteria added by the American Rescue Plan.

How can I apply for Coverage and Check for my Eligibility?

  • The subsidy and APTC (Advanced Premium Tax Credit) are based on your estimated income for 2021. Once your eligibility is calculated, you can pick up a plan from the marketplace which will be effective the first day of the following month.

Read more about the: The American Rescue Plan: Reduces Health Care Costs, Expands Access to Insurance Coverage and Addresses Health Care Disparities

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