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Looking for Illinois health insurance? Discover the top-rated health insurance plans in Illinois that suit your needs and budget. Compare prices, coverage, and benefits to make an informed decision.

Illinois health care insurance plans

 Best Health Insurance Illinois 2024 Plans


Best for PPO

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois are the only carrier on the marketplace that offer PPO Illinois health insurance. BCBSIL network is spread over the state of IL. PPO plans allow out of network coverage.

Best for HMO

Aetna CVS Health Insurance

Aetna CVS Illinois Health insurance plans are best HMO plans in the Chicagoland area and northwest suburbs. Aetna CVS health plans are in network with Northshore Hospitals and UIC.

Best for POS

Health Alliance

Health Alliance health insurance Plans are popular plans in Central and Southern Illinois. The company offers a robust network of POS providers including Springfield clinic.

Best Dental & Vision

Ameritas Dental Plans Illinois

Ameritas have great dental and vision plans with coverage effective immediately. Customers get access to ID cards instantly by email upon enrollment. PPO Dental plans and VSP vision network.

Best Short Term

Pivot Health Short Term

Pivot Health provides top-tier short-term health insurance plans in Illinois. With our short-term health plans, you can quickly enroll and enjoy coverage starting on the second day, along with instant access to care through your electronic ID card.

Best Medicare Supplement

Mutual of Omaha Medicare Plans

Mutual of Omaha is renowned for its competitive rates on Medicare Supplement Plans in Illinois. The company is highly regarded for its exceptional customer service and offers additional household discounts on premiums.

Please be advised that our selection of these plans is the result of thorough research and consultations within the Illinois marketplace. It is important to note that the ratings of these plans do not necessarily align with CMS plan ratings or the ratings of the aforementioned insurance companies. Health insurance plans are uniquely suited to individuals based on various factors, including healthcare requirements, service networks, geographic location, and financial considerations. We recommend collaborating with a licensed agent who can offer personalized assistance in identifying a health plan that aligns with your specific needs.

How to Enroll in Illinois Health Insurance Plan?

Step 1
Step 1
zip code

Basic Info

Start with your Zip Code and age to view health insurance plans in your area.

Step 2
Step 2

Household Income

Enter your estimated household income to see your eligibility for subsidy or savings towards your monthly premium. 1 in 2 clients receive subsidy.

Step 3
Step 3

Compare Plans

Add your doctors and drugs, compare different available plans. Compare deductibles, Copays, coinsurance, and out of pocket.

Scenarios for Health Insurance Illinois for individuals at different ages:

Illinois Health Insurance

26 Year Old High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP)

At 26, Emily is just starting her career and wants to keep her health insurance costs low while still having coverage for unexpected medical expenses. She chooses a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) with a Health Savings Account (HSA). The low monthly premiums of the HDHP allow her to save money while the HSA lets her contribute pre-tax dollars for future medical expenses. Since she's young and healthy, she can afford the higher deductible and is planning for her long-term health.

Illinois Health Insurance

40 Year Old Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Plan

At 40, David values the flexibility to choose his doctors and specialists without needing referrals. He has a family and wants a comprehensive plan that covers his spouse and children. David opts for a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plan. While the premiums are slightly higher, the PPO allows him to see the doctors he trusts and provides coverage for his family's healthcare needs.

Illinois Health Insurance

65 Year Old Medicare Supplement Plan

At 65, Linda is eligible for Medicare. She knows that Original Medicare doesn't cover all her healthcare expenses, so she decides to purchase a Medicare Supplement Plan in Illinois. This plan helps cover the gaps in Medicare, such as deductibles and coinsurance. Linda appreciates the peace of mind that comes with knowing she has comprehensive coverage for her medical needs as she enters her retirement years.

Best Health Insurance in Illinois

  • Individual & Family

    Health Insurance Illinois plans for individuals and families are available from different carriers across the state.

  • Medicare

    Illinois Medigap and MAPD plans are offered from different insurance carriers. Best rates and coverage.

  • Employer Plans

    Illinois Small Business Health Insurance plans are offered with great savings and elite networks.

Let us help you a Health Insurance Illinois

Navigating the Complexities

Our knowledgeable health insurance agents in Illinois are experts in the industry, providing clear explanations, deciphering policy details, and guiding individuals to select the right plan. They simplify the process, matching specific needs and preferences to suitable coverage options, ensuring efficiency and reducing overwhelm.

Expert Guidance and Tailored Solutions

Our licensed agents provide valuable expertise and stay up-to-date with health insurance changes. We offer personalized recommendations based on clients’ needs and budget, helping them make informed decisions and secure the most suitable health insurance plan.

Simplify Your Search

We simplify the health insurance search by doing the legwork, gathering quotes, comparing coverage, and analyzing pricing. Our one-stop-shop experience saves time and effort, while our expertise helps individuals find cost-effective options without compromising coverage quality.

Still have questions?

We’ve got answers.

How much is health insurance a month for a single person in Illinois?

Health insurance plans that follow the ACA rules are rated based on age and zip code. It also depends on the metal tier (bronze, silver, or gold) you choose. You can get a health insurance plan as low as $0 a month if you are eligible.

Is there dental coverage with Medicare in Illinois?

Original Medicare doesn’t have Dental or vision coverage included. You may need to enroll in a separate Dental and Vision plan. However, some Medicare Advantage plans may offer Dental and Vision coverage. 

How to enroll in Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois?

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois offer health insurance plans on exchange and off exchange. BCBSIL have multiple plans in Illinois that are accepted at different hospitals and facilities. For example, BCBSIL PPO is accepted by most IL hospitals. 

Can I enroll in a group health plan if I have single member LLC?

Yes. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois allows the 1 employee enrollment in a group health plan  during the Open Enrollment Period. 

Is Aenta CVS Health good insurance company in Illinois?

Aetna CVS Health insurance plans were offered on the marketplace in 2022. Aetna have a robust network of providers and hospitals in network. 

Are there any PPO health insurance plans in Illinois?

Yes. BCBS-IL is the only insurance company that offers a PPO health insurance plan on the marketplace. The plan name is Blue Choice Preferred PPO

Does Illinois have low-income health insurance?

Yes. Medicaid is available for low income people and families. If you are not eligible for Medicaid you maybe eligible for subsidies and savings on your monthly premiums. 

Is COBRA cheaper than Obamacare?

No. COBRA costs you 100% to 102% of the total cost. Since the employer may charge an additional 2% administrative fee for maintaining COBRA. Obamacare of ACA health insurance plans are cheaper alternative since you would be eligible for savings and APTC based on your income change.

What is the penalty for not having health insurance in Illinois?

There is not penalty for not having health insurance in Illinois effective 2019.

Will the Affordable Care Act be available in 2023?

Yes. The ACA health plans are available in 2023 with increased budget on plan offerings. Make sure to connect with you health insurance agent during the Open Enrollment Period to compare new plan offerings. 


Illinois Small Business Health Insurance Plans

Small Businesses in Illinois can have a group health plan to offer their employees. Small business health plans are affordable and include robust benefits. Learn more about Illinois Small Business Health Plans.

Top 10 Illinois Health Insurance Companies

  • PAmbetter of Illinois
  • PAetna CVS Health Illinois
  • PBlue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois
  • PCigna Healthcare of Illinois
  • PHealth Alliance
  • PMolina Healthcare
  • POscar Health Plan
  • PUnitedHealthcare
  • PAmeritas Life Insurance Corp
  • PDentegra Insurance
  • PGolden Rule Insurance Company
  • PGuardian Life Insurance Company
  • PHumana
  • PMetLife
  • PSureBridge
  • PManhattanLife Assurance Company of America

Comparing Illinois Health PlansMaking an Informed Decision


Coverage and Benefits

Evaluate the coverage and benefits offered by different plans. Look for plans that include essential services such as hospitalization, preventive care, and prescription drugs. Consider additional benefits like maternity care, mental health services, and wellness programs.

Copay cards

Cost and Affordability

Compare the premiums, deductibles, copayments, and out-of-pocket maximums of different plans. Take into account your budget and healthcare needs to find a plan that strikes the right balance between cost and coverage.

Provider network

Coverage and Benefits

Evaluate the coverage and benefits offered by different plans. Look for plans that include essential services such as hospitalization, preventive care, and prescription drugs. Consider additional benefits like maternity care, mental health services, and wellness programs.

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