How to get health insurance outside open enrollment?

The annual open enrollment period for most states starts in November 1st and ends in December 15th each year. Insurance plans picked during this period of time are effective on January 1st on the following year. Some states have different deadlines. Read this article about OEP in select states.

How to enroll if missed the Open Enrollment Period deadline?

Short Term Health Plan is a great option in case you missed to enroll in an ACA health plan during open enrollment period. Short Term Health plans can start the coverage the next day and last up to 36 months. Note that different states have different rules about Short Term Health Plans coverage periods and exclusions. Generally, short term health plans are cheaper than ACA plans, and are not eligible for subsidy like the marketplace plans. Read more about short term health plans in this blog.

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A Qualifting Life Event (QLE) that opens a Special Enrollment Period (SEP) for you to enroll in a marketplace health plan. There are many QLEs that makes you eligible to enroll in a marketplace health plan. For example: getting married, having a child, lost job, moved to a new location, lost coverage, lost dependent status (became 26 or older), change in income, …etc. Read more about SEP and QLE in this blog.


If you have questions or you need help finding the best health insruance plan, we are here for you. Our state licensed agents are ready to answer all your questions and help enroll you in a health plan. 


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