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Affordable Health Care Act Carriers in Illinois



Offers multiple individual and family health plans On and Off Exchange. Blue Cross is the only carrier in IL that offers PPO plans On Exchange. BCBSIL have some plans with Advocate hospitals. Northshore hospitals only accept HMO precision plans.


Cigna Healthcare of IL

Offers multiple HMO health insurance plans in Illinois. If you would like to have Northwestern doctors In network, then Cigna with Northwestern is good choice.

Bright Health

Bright Healthcare

Enjoy a large network of providers around the Chicagoland and North Shore / Lake area. Dupage Medical group, North Shore Healthsystem, AMITA Health, and more.


United Healthcare

2022 is the first year United Healthcare offers ACA marketplace plans. They have coverage and physicians in network in multiple sites are out the Chicagoland area.



Ambetter are known to have some health plans with Dental + vision. The only carrier in IL that is accepted at Rush University providers.

Bright Health


Oscar made it to Illinois in 2022 after a successful journey in other states. UChicago Medicine and Loyola are both in network with Oscar Choice.


Group Health Insurance

There are more than 10 carriers that offer small business group health insurance in Illinois. If you are a small business in Illinois you can benefit from many savings options.

Illinois Medicare Plans

Learn more about Illinois Medicare plan options. Medicare supplement plans, Medicare Advantage Plans, and Part D plans.

Medicare Supplement Plans

Mutual of Omaha

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois



UnitedHealthcare AARP

Part D Plans


Aetna Silverscripts



Mutual of Omaha Rx


Medicare Advantage Plans


Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois





Find a Health Care Provider

Click Here to check if your provider or hospital accept your insurance plan. Blue Cross Blue Shield of IL have multiple plans and tiers. Note that not all plans may be accepted by the same provider.

Click Here to check if you provider or hospital accept your insurance plan. Cigna offers plan that are in network with Northwestern Hospitals in IL.

Click Here to check if you provider or hospital accept your insurance plan.

Click Here to check if you provider or hospital accept your insurance plan. Ambetter plans are accepted by Rush University Providers. Make sure your doctor accepts your plan before making an appointment.

Click Here to check if you provider or hospital accept your insurance plan.

Click Here to check if you provider or hospital accept your insurance plan. Bright Health plans are accepted at North Shore Hospitals, AMITA Health, DuPage Medical Group, and Mount Sinai.

Frequently asked questions

How much is health insurance a month for a single person?

Health insurance plans that follow the ACA rules are rates based on age and zip code. It also depends on the metal tier (Bronze, Silver, or Gold Plan) you choose. You can get a health insurance plan as low as $1 a month if you are eligible for savings. 

Which healthcare plan is the cheapest?

The cheapest health insurance plan is the one with higher deductible or Bronze plans. However, you can have savings or subsidies applies towards your health insurance premium which makes your health plan more affordable.

Is there dental coverage with Medicare?

Original Medicare doesn’t have Dental or Vision coverage included. You need to purchase a standalone Dental and/or vision plan.  Medicare Advantage plans may have Dental and Vision plans available.

What is the average cost of dental insurance for seniors?

Dental plans have are usually very affordable and have the same rates regardless of age. Find available plans in your area here.

What is the most common health insurance plan?

Illinois have more than 10 insurance carriers that offer health insurance plans on the marketplace. It depends on the area/ county/ zip code you live in. Also, you need to make sure that the plan you pick is accepted by your providers. Blue Cross Blue Shield and Bright Healthcare have large network of providers in IL. Read this article about best health insurance plans in IL.

What is considered short-term health insurance?

Short Term Health insurance plan is an temporary health insurance that is meant to cover you for a set period of time. Short Term health insurance plans can have a PPO network or Open network where you can see any provider in different states. Short Term health insurance have exclusions and limitations on pre-existing conditions.

Is short – term health insurance available for purchase in Illinois?

Yes. Short Term Health Insurance plans are available for purchase in Illinois. You can buy a short term health insurance plan for up to 6 months of coverage. Carriers in Illinois include: National General, Pivot Health, and UHC Golden Rule. These plans have great PPO networks like Aetna, Cigna, and UHC.

When can I enroll in an ACA-compliant plan in Illinois?

You can enroll in an ACA plan on or off exchange in Illinois during Open Enrollment period ( Nov 1st to Dec. 15th every year). Or during a Special Enrollment Period, if you have a Qualifying Life Event. 

Can you buy 1 month of health insurance?

Yes. You can cancel your health insurance at anytime.

What does Short Term mean in health?

Short Term Health Insurance means, insurance coverage for a set period of time. It can be as short as 1 month, 2 months or 1 year. Read more.

Can I get Short Term Medical Insurance?

Yes. You can buy a short term medical insurance as long as you live in a state that allows the purchase of the short term health insurance plans. Here is the state by state guide on short term plans.

How long can you have short -term health insurance?

Short Term Health Insurance Plans have different rules in different states. You can have coverage for 6 months in IL with he same carriers before you have to change the plan with another carrier. Read more about short term rules in different states.


Who might consider short term coverage?

Anyone can buy a short term health insurance plan to have a temporary coverage while permanent coverage is lapsed. Read more about Short Term eligibility here.


How do i get a group health insurance plan in Illinois?

If you are a small business you can get a group health coverage if you have 2 full time employees or more Visit the small business page to learn more about eligibility, coverage, and enrollment.

What is the average cost of group health insurance?

Group health coverage ranges based on the number of employees enrolled.  The average employees age and based on the plan chosen. Small business in IL can save a lot by enrolling their employees with a group health plan.  

How much does small business health insurance cost in IL?

Small business in Illinois can get  very affordable group health plans that are accepted at elite medical and health systems, like Rush, University of Chicago, Northwestern University, and many other medical group. The cost per employee could range from $100 per month to $500 or even more. It depends on the employees age and plan type.

Which group health insurance is the best in Illinois?

There are many different carriers that offer group health insurance in Illinois. Blue Cross Blue Shied of Illinois have different plans HMO and PPO that offer great benefits and large network.


How many employees do you need to qualify for group health insurance?

To qualify for a group health insurance plan you need at least 2 full time employees to join the plan.


Do small employers have to offer health insurance in Illinois?

Small Business in Illinois with less than 50 employees do no have to offer group health insurance as per state law. However, it is encouraged to offer group health coverage as a small business.



What is the Best Health Insurance in IL?

The best insurance plan in IL is the one that accepts your providers and hospitals. All plans are unique to what your healthcare needs are. You should always look up your providers and make sure they are in network with the selected plan.


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