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Once you request your Medicare Quotes, you will be redirected to our Medicare plans page. You will have the option to filter plans by type, network, coverage, premiums, and more. Make sure to look at multiple plans and compare rates. We are always here to help you find the best plan or navigate through your options. Note that by submitting the Medicare Quotes form above, you agree to be contacted by a licensed health agent to discuss plan options. You are not obligated to enroll in a plan.

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How does Original Medicare Work?

Original Medicare is one of your Medicare health coverage choices. You will have Original Medicare unless you choose a Medicare Advantage Plan or other type of Medicare health plan.

You generally have to pay a portion of the cost for each service Original Medicare covers. There is no limit to what you will pay out of pocket in a year unless you have other coverage (like Medigap, Medicaid, or employee or union coverage) or enroll in a Medicare Advantage Plan.

Can I get my health care from any doctor, other health care provider, or hospital?

In most cases, yes. You can go to any Medicare-enrolled doctor, other health care provider, hospital, or other facility that accepts Medicare patients anywhere in the U.S

Does it cover prescription drugs?

No, with a few exceptions, Original Medicare does not cover most drugs. You can add Medicare drug coverage Part D by joining a separate Medicare drug plan.

Do I need to choose a Primary Care Doctor?


Do I have to get a referral to see a specialist?


Should I get a supplement Policy?

You may already have Medicaid, military retiree, or employer or union coverage that may pay costs that Original Medicare does not. If not you may want to buy a Medicare Supplement Plan.

How do insurance companies set prices for Medigap policies?

Each insurance company decides how it will set the price, per premium, for its Medigap policies The way they set the price affects how much you pay now and in the future. Medigap policies can be prices or “rated” in 3 ways:

  1. Community-rates (not age rated)
  2. Issue-age-rated (entry age rated)
  3. Attained age rated

Each of these ways of pricing Medigap policies is described in the table below. The examples below show hour your age affects your premiums, and why it is important to look at how much the Medigap policy will cost now and in the future. The amounts in the examples are actual costs. Other factors like where you live, medical underwriting, and discounts can also affect the amount of your premium.

Community Rated
Issue Age Rated
Attained Age Rated
How its priced
Generall, the same premium is charges to everyone who has the Medigap Policy, regardless of age or gender.
The premium is based on the age you are when you buy the Medigap policy
The premium is based on your current age (the age you've attained), so your premium goes up as you get older.
What this pricing may mean for you
Your premium is not based on your age. Premiums may go up because of infaltion and other factors but not because of your age.
Premiums are lower for people who buy at a younger age and won't change as you get older.
Premiums are low for younger buyers but go up as you get older. They may be the least expensive at first, but they can eventually become the most expensive. Premium may also go up because of infaltion and other factors.
Mr. Smith is 65. He buys a Medigap policy and pays $165 monthly premium. Whereas Mrs. Perez is 72. She buys the same policy as Mr. Smith she also pays $165 monthly premiums.
Mr. Han is 65. He buys a Medigap policy and pays a $145 monthly premium. Mrs. Wright is 72. She buys the same Medigap policy as Mr. Han. Since she is older when she buys it, her monthly premium is $175.
Mrs. Anderson is 65. She buys a Medigap Policy and pays a $120 monthly premium. Her premium will go up each year.

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What is Medicare Select?

Medicare SELECT is another type of Medicare Supplement policy. 

Medicare Select companies have the right to require you to use specific hospitals and doctors. This requirement does not apply in the case of emergency. Before enrolling in a Medicare Select policy ask your insurance agent about the available the list of hospitals in network to make sure that you can find care within close distance to you.

Medicare Select plans must be one of the standardized plans. If you do not follow the Medicare Select provisions, Medicare will pay its portion, but the Medicare Select company is not requires to pay your inpatient hospital deductible or copayment.

Always review your plan for specific guidelines. Medicare Select premiums will be lower than that same company’s standardized Medicare supplement premiums. If you have had a Medicare Select policy for at least 6 months and then cancel it, you will have the right to buy a standardized Medicare supplement policy from the same company with comparable or lesser benefits regardless of your health status. Also, depending on your health states and the company’s underwriting standards, you may be able to purchase a Medicare Supplement plan with greater benefits. 

What is Medicare Supplement High Deductible Plan?

Another variation of a Medicare supplement policy available to you is a “high deductible option” on Plan F or G. Generally, the premium for a high deductible Plan F or G will be lower than that company’s same Medicare supplement plan without the higher deductible. The benefits for a high deductible Plan F or G are identical to any other Plan F or G. The only difference is that the plan will not pay benefits until you have met the deductible (the amount you must pay out of your pocket) for the calendar year.

For those eligible for Medicare prior to January 1, 2020, Plan F High Deductible is available. For those eligible for Medicare on or after January 1, 2020, Plan G High Deductible will be the only high deductible plan available.

Medicare & COVID-19 Coverage Update


  • FDA authorized vaccines help reduce the risk of illness from COVID-19 by working with the body’s natural defenses to safely develop protection (immunity) to the virus.
  • You pay nothing for the vaccine.
  • Be sure to bring your red, white, and blue Medicare card with you when get eh vaccine so your health care provider or pharmacy can bill Medicare. You will need your Medicare card even if you are enrolled in a Medicare Advantage Plan or other Medicare health plan.

Diagnostic Tests:

  • These FDA authorized tests check to see if you have COVID-19.
  • You pay nothing for this test during the COVID-19 public health emergency when you get it from a laboratory, pharmacy doctor, or hospital, and when Medicare covers this test in your local area

Antibody Tests:

  • These FDA authorized tests help see if you have developed an immune response and may not be at immediate risk of COVID-19 reinfection.
  • You pay nothing for the test during the COVID-19 public health emergency.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is Medicare Beneficiary?

An individual entitled to benefits under Medicare Part A, Part B, or both.

What is catastrophic coverage?

The stage of Medicare Part D coverage that begins after you reach your out-of-pocket limit. For the rest of the year, part D should pay more of your drug costs.

What is Drug Coverage Tier?

A way prescription drug plans categorize different medications according to the cost the patient will be expected to have.

What is Co-insurance?

The percentage of cost you will have to pay for a medical service or prescription drug coverage , after any relevant deductibles are paid. For example, you may pay 20%.

What is Co-pay?

Your share of the cost for medicare service or prescription that is a fexed amount. For example, you may pay $30.

What is Coverage Gap (Donut Hole)?

The Medicare Part D stage that begins once your total drug costs reach your initial coverage liit. From then on, you pay higher percentage of drug costs until you reach the plan’s catastriphic coveraeg stage.

What does Formulary mean?

List of medicines that your health insurance plan will cover or pay for.


Care in a hospital that requires admission as as inpatietn and usually requires an overnight stay.

What does Inital Coverage Limit mean?

The amount you and your plan haev spent before you reach the Coverage Gap (Donut Hole).

What is the Initial Coverag Phase?

The Medicare part D coverage stage that begins after you’ve reached the deductible, where you will only pay the plan’s co-pay for covered medications.

Low Income Subsidy (LIS or Extra Help)

A government program for eligible beneficiaries that helps pay for Medicare Part D prescription drug costs.

What is Medicare?

A federal government insurance plan that provides healthcare coverage options and drug benefits for people over 65 and younfer people with disabilities.

What is Medicare Advantage Plan?

A type of Medicare health plan offered by a private company that contracts with Medicare to provide you with all your Part A and Part B benefits. Also known as Medicare Part C.

What is Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap)?

An insurance policy , sold by private companies, that can help pay some of the healthcare costs that Medicare Part A and Part B do not cover.

What is Medicare Part A?

The part of Medicare that covers hospitalization, including most inpatient hospital, skilled nursing facility, hospice, lab tests, surgery, and home health care.

What is Medicare Part B?

The part of Medicare that covers medical services, including most doctor’s and other providers’ services and outpatient care, preventitve care, durable medical equipment, hospital outpatient services,laboratory tests, X-rays, and mental healthcare.

What is Medicare Part C?

Not a seperate benefit. It is the part of Medicare policy that allows private health insurance companies to provide your Medicare benefits through what are called Medicare Advantage (MA) plans.

What is Medicare Part D?

A seperate coverage option that adds prescription drug coverage to your part A and B benefits.

Out-of-pocket (OOP) Costs

The share of Medicare prescription drug costs that you are responsible for paying.

What are Patient Assistance Foundations?

Independent charitable foundations that provide financial assistance to qualified patients who are unable to afford their co-pay costs.

State Pharmaceutical Assistance Programs (SPAPs)

State programs that coordinate with Medicare’s Part D drug benefit to help their residents pay for prescription drugs. Read More.

What are Patient Assistance Foundations?

Independent charitable foundations that provide financial assistance to qualified patients who are unable to afford their co-pay costs.

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Kyle Lanza
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