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Insurance Plans Accepted by Rush University Medical Center

Nestled at the heart of cutting-edge medical advancements, Rush University Medical Center stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of healthcare. This renowned institution, located in Chicago, not only boasts a rich history of providing top-tier medical care but also serves as an essential pillar in the network of healthcare providers associated with various health insurance plans.

As we journey through the intricate web of in-network healthcare facilities, we find that Rush University Medical Center’s inclusion significantly enhances the value of many health insurance plans. It symbolizes a commitment to offering policyholders access to a comprehensive range of medical services, from routine check-ups to specialized treatments, all under the umbrella of a single, comprehensive plan.

Exchange Health Plans 👆

Employer Health Plans👆

Medicare Health Plans 👆

Exchange Insurance Plans or or Obamacare:

While Rush University Medical Center does not accept insurance plans from the exchange also known as Marketplace plans from, some of their affiliated doctors accept Marketplace plans. Make sure to check with your health insurance agent that your doctors are in network with the health insurance plans you pick.

As it stands today, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois Preferred Choice PPO is accepted at Rush University Medical Center for as out of network billing. So you would have to pay a higher deductible and coinsurance to use your BCBSIL Preferred PPO plan there.

Reminder: Many providers and specialists are affiliated with Rush University but accept marketplace plans from the exchange, hence always check with your health insurance agent before enrolling in a plan.

Employer Health Insurance Plans:

Below a list of group health insurance plans that are accepted by Rush University Medical Center. These health insurance plans are known as Group Health plans, or Employer Sponsored health insurance plans. These plans are different than the health insurance plans that are found on the marketplace.

Aetna Affordable Health Choices PPO
Aetna Choice POS
Aetna Choice POS II
Aetna Elect Choice EPO
Aetna HMO
Aetna Managed Choice POS
Aetna National Advantage Program (NAP)
Aetna Open Access Elect Choice
Aetna Open Access HMO
Aetna Open Access Managed Choice
Aetna Open Choice PPO
Aetna QPOS
Aetna Select
Aetna Signature Administrators PPO
Aetna USAccess
Aetna Open Access Aetna Select
Aetna Health Fund (AHF)
Aetna Health Network Only
Aetna Health Network Option
Aetna Passport to Health & Travel for Treatment (International)
Aetna State of Illinois PPO/HMO/OAP
Aetna - Illinois Preferred
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois Blue Edge
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois PPO
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois Blue Advantage Health Plan PPO
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois PPO Hospital Network
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois Blue Advantage Entrepreneur PPO
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois CMM
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois EPO
Blue Options/Blue Choice Options (BCO)
Blue High Performance Network
Cigna Choice Fund PPO
Cigna EPO
Cigna HMO
Cigna HMO Open Access
Cigna Network
Cigna Network Open Access
Cigna Open Access Plus
Cigna Open Access Plus In-Network
Cigna POS
Cigna POS Open Access
Cigna PPO
Cigna Choice Fund Open Access Plus
Cigna Network POS
Cigna Network POS Open Access
Cigna One Health
United Healthcare
United Healthcare Options PPO
United Healthcare Choice
United Healthcare Choice Plus
United Healthcare Select
United Healthcare Select Plus
United Healthcare Core
United Healthcare Navigate
United Healthcare UMR
United Healthcare Golden Rule
United Healthcare Oxford
United Healthcare Affiliates Direct Billing
ChoiceCare Network PPO
Humana National POS - Open Access
Humana PPO
Humana Preferred PPO
Humana Preferred POS-Open Access
Humana HMO Premier
(Humana HMO Select - Rush Health Specialist Only)
Humana Tri-Care
Humana HMO Premier Open Access
(Humana Illinois Platinum HMO - Rush Health Specialists Only)
Humana Choice POS
Other Health Plans
WellCare Assist (HMO)
WellCare Assist Compass (HMO)
WellCare Edge Plus (HMO)
WellCare Giveback Open (PPO)
WellCare No Premium (HMO-POS)
WellCare No Premium Essential (HMO)
WellCare No Premium Exclusive (HMO)
WellCare No Premium Open (PPO)
WellCare Patriot No Premium (HMO-POS)
WellCare Plus (HMO)
WellCare Specialty No Premium (HMO C-SNP
YouthCare HealthChoice Illinois
Preferred Plan PPO
Evernorth Behavioral Health (previously Cigna Behavioral Health)
Evernorth Beh Health Non Evernorth Payers (previously Cigna Behavioral Health Non Cigna Payers)
Corvel Workers Compensation

Are you a Small Business Owner?

If you are a small business owner and have at least one other non family member full time employee, you can enroll in a commercial or group health plan with one of the carriers above. Group Health Insurance plans are known to have a large network of hospitals and doctors.

Medicare Advantage Plans:

Below is a list of the Medicare Advantage plans that are accepted by Rush University Medical Center. Note that Medicare Advantage Plans change their network annually, so be proactive about your choices and check with a licensed Medicare insurance agent during the AEP between October 15 and December 15th. 

Medicare Advantage Plans
Aetna Medicare Value Plan PPO
Aetna Medicare Value Plan HMO
Aetna Medicare Standard Plan PPO
Aetna Medicare Value
Aetna Medicare Premier Plus
Aetna Medicare Value HMO
Aetna Medicare Prime HMO (only specialists participate)
Aetna Medicare Advantra
Aetna Medicare Assure Premier Plan
Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Advantage Choice Plus PPO
Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Advantage Choice Premier PPO
Blue Cross Medicare Advantage Flex (PPO)
Blue Cross Medicare Advantage HMO-POS
Blue Cross Medicare Advantage HMO
Blue Cross Group Medicare Advantage (HMO)
Cigna Preferred Medicare (HMO)
Cigna Premier Medicare (HMO-POS)
Cigna Fundamental Medicare (HMO)
Cigna True Choice Medicare (PPO)
Cigna True Choice Plus Medicare (PPO)
Devoted Health Essentials (HMO)
Devoted Health Core (HMO)
Devoted Health Prime (HMO)
Devoted Health MA PPO
Zing Choice IL HMO
Zing Open Access IL HMO-POS
Zing Premium Giveback IL HMO
Zing Essential Wellness IL HMO-CSNP

Frequently Asked Questions


Does Rush University Medical Center accept Medicaid?

Yes, Rush University Medical center accepted Medicaid.

BCBS Community Care Network



Does Rush University Medical Center accept insurance plans?

Yes, Rush University Medical Center does accept a wide range of insurance plans. Look at the listed plan in network.


How can I find out if my insurance plan is accepted at Rush University Medical Center?

To determine if your insurance plan is accepted, you can check the plans listed above or call your provider office directly.


I need help changing my health insurance plan to be accepted at Rush University

We can help you find a plan in network, make sure to schedule a call or navigate to the Health Insurance page to find a health plan.


Does Rush University accept Medicare Supplement?

Rush University Medical Center accepts all Medicare Supplement Plans. Unless you have a Medicare Select Plant hat have a limited list of hospitals you can visit.


Are Short Term Health Plans accepted at Rush University?

Yes. Generally Short Term Health Insurance plans that have PPO Aetna or Cigna network have coverage at Rush.

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