Short Term Health Insurance Coverage

Short Term Health Plans


What is Short-Term Health Insurance?

  Short Term Health insurance is a temporary medical insurance meant to cover the insured for a shorter period.

How long can I get coverage?

 Each state has their own rules on the length of coverage. Some states allow for up to 6 months of coverage with the same carrier. Other states ban short term health insurance. For example: California and Colorado DO NOT allow Short Term Health plans.

Do Short Term Health Plans cover prescriptions?

It varies by the plan you choose. Some Short-Term Health Plans offer a full prescription coverage with deductible and copays, others offer a discount card only. You can pick up the plan based on your needs.

Can I use Short Term Health Plans outside my state?

Yes. Most Short-Term Health plans have in and out of state networks. Either PPO network or Open Network.

Are Short Term Health Plans the same as ACA plans?

NO. Short Term Health Plans are not the same as ACA plans and do not offer the same coverage. Short Term health Plans may have exclusions for some services.

Do Short Term Health Plans cover pre-existing conditions?

 NO. Short Term Health Plans do not cover Pre-Existing conditions.

When can I sign up for a Short-Term Health Plan?

Anytime. There is no annual enrollment period for short term health plans. Your short-term health plan can start as early as the second day.

Is Short Term Health Insurance good for me?

o   Looking for coverage between jobs and waiting for employer coverage.

o   Waiting for Medicare eligibility

o   Missed the Open Enrollment Period and waiting for a Special Enrollment Period

o   There may be other reasons to get Short Term Health Insurance, contact us to learn more.

States That Ban Short Term Health Plans

Some states have fully banned temporary medical plans from being sold, while others have imposed such restrictive state rules, no health insurers will offer the plans as a short term option. Here is a list of states that currently do not have short term health insurance coverage:







New Jersey

New York

Rhode Island


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