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What is a Small Business or Small Group Health Plan?

A small group health plan is a medical health insurance policy purchased by a small business that have 50 or less employees. The group health plan rates can be age rates or group rates. Age rates or member level, means that each employee will have a rate based on the age bracket they fall in. Whereas, group rating will have rates based on the average age of the employees (group).

The small business health plans follow the ACA (Affordable Care Act) rules. Which means an insurer (insurance company) can not use the groups medical history or previous medical claims to increase rates. The insurance company will have rates based on location, age, and tobacco usage. In addition, a small business owner who has less than 20 employees do not need to have COBRA offered to their employees when they are terminated from the group. Also, the employer is not obligated to contribute towards the spouse and dependents premiums.


What Are the Benefits of Offering Health Insurance in a Small Business?

Small businesses have always faced challenges with employees retention and attraction. With the inagural of the COVID-19 pandemic, the struggle to retain employees have wrosened. There are many reasons why employee prefer to work at  mid to large size employer, one of which the health benefits they receive from the employer. Health insurance could be very costly and unaffordable in some cases, especially if the individual is not eligibile for subsidies or Advanced Premium Tax Credit.

According to a survery we conduted randomly and anonymously last year, many employees had to change their employer due to lack to benefits or for better health insurance plan offering. So as a small business, one way to retain your employees and attract more talents, is to offer a durable and affordable health coverage to your employees.

Besides increased talent attraction and higher employees satisfaction, offering a group health plan allows you to write off the premiums as a bsuiness expense at the end of the year. 


Why Should You Offer Health Insurance?


Employee Retention


Talent Attraction


Increased Productivity

What is the Eligibility for a Small Business Health Plan?

If your business have between 2 and 50 full time employees, you likely qualify to purchase a small business health care coverage plan. Here are the common requirement for a small business to be eligible for a small group health insurance. Or see if your small business qualifies for SHOP.

  • At least two full-time employees, including the owner.

  • A certain percentage of your employees must enroll in the health plan you offer.

    • Minimum participation requirement s vary by state. Some carriers, like Blue Cross Blue Shield waive this participation requirement if  you purchase a group health plan between November 1 and December 15 for a January 1 or January 15 effective date.
  • Employers must meet minimum contribution requirements

    • It is required that business owners contribute a certain amount to their employees’ monthly premium costs to qualify for group coverage. if  you purchase a group health plan between November 1 and December 15 for a January 1 or January 15 effective date.

How it Works?

Very simple. Fill out the Group Health Quote Form below. We will get back to you the same day, next day by max with rates and quotes with different carriers. Once you get a chance to over the different options, will get on the phone with you to answer any questions to you may have. The rest is on us, your group will have coverage as early as the 1st day of the following month.

What Insurance Carriers are Available?

We work with all insurance carriers that offer group plans in your area. Since we are an independent agency, we are not captive to any insurance company. When we send you a quote, we will include rates for all available carriers. The goal is to choose the most feasible and affordable plan for your group.

Can I Offer Group Dental & Vision Plans?

Yes. Absolutely. You can offer Dental and Vision plans to your employees and their dependents with the same carrier as your health plan or even a different carrier. For example, you can offer Health with BCBS, Dental with Delta Dental and Vision with VSP.

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