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Dental and Vision insurance plan can be purchased at any time during the year. We have the most affordable Dental plans with great networks.


Dental Max Benefits Options

💰 1,500

💰 5,000Popular

💰 3,000

Popular Dental Plans

Enjoy next-day coverage and no waiting periods on most dental insurance plans. There are no enrollment fees with any plan. Preventive visits, such as exams and cleanings, are covered up to 100%. Dental plans may include additional benefits such as LASIK, orthodontia or hearing care.

Ameritas Logo

No Waiting Period

Ameritas offer Dental and Vision coverage that can start the second day. Both Ameritas Network and “Any Provider” open networks are available.

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Veterans Discount

Humana offer a premium discount for veterans or applicants who have veterans family members. Humana Dental plan have large network of providers with both HMO and PPO options. You can also purchase an Indemnity or preventive dental plan with Humana for absic services.

Best Life Dental



Additional Coverage

  • No Waiting Period & No Deductibles
  • $5,000 Dental Plan (per calendar year, per family member)
  • Large National PPO Network
  • Implants Covered on Major Services
Aetna plans


Dental Vision Hearing

Aetna offer Dental, Vision, and Hearing plan for all ages at affordable cost and robust network of providers. To learn more about the Dental, Vision, and Hearing offered by Aetna and view all covered services go to the aetna DVH page here. 

🥸 Vision Plans Options 👓

⌚No waiting periods

💸No enrollment fees

VSP Choice Network 👌

Eye Exam
Single Vision
Elective Contacts
Fit & follow up exam
Standard polycarbonate lenses
Tints & dyes (except pink I & II)
Scratch resistant
In - Network
Covered in Full
Up to $150
Covered in full
Covered in full
Covered in full
Covered in full
Up to $150
Member cost up to $60
Out -of-Network
Up to $45
Up to $70
Up to $30
Up to $50
Up to $65
Up to $100
Up to $105
No benefit
No benefit
No benefit
No benefit
No benefit
No benefit
vsp vision

VSP offers the nation’s largest network of independent providers. Browse and buy online at and get the most current deals on eyewear with network benefits.

VSP provider discounts. Take advantage of 20% off the remaining frame balance, additional prescription glasses, and non-covered lens options. And receive an extra $20 to spend on featured frame brands. Your laser vision correction discount can be used on LASIK or PRK procedures.

To search for providers, go to or call (800) 877-7195.

How it Works?

There is no thing like a healthy smile. You can sign up for a Dental or Vision plan at any time of the year. Scroll through your options and choose what works best for you.


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Frequently asked questions

What are the Dental Basic covered services?


  • Prophylaxis: adult and covered children; once every six months
  • Topical  fluoride: two per 12 months


  • Oral evaluations, once every six months
  • Comprehensive periodontal evaluations; one every 6 months
  • bitewing x-rays; one set every 12 months.
  • vertical bitewings; one set every 12 months.


What are Dental Intermediate covered services?

Diagnostic & Treatment Services:

  • Palliative (emergency) treatment of dental pain.
  • Panoramic radiographic image and full mouth series of radiographic images.


  • Sealants: once every 6 months for 1st and 2nd molars only.


  • Amalgam, primary or permanent & resin -based composbite.

What are Dental Major covered services?

Restorative & Crowns:

  • Inlays, onlays and recementing.
  • Crowns; cast posts and core buildings.
  • Pin retention in addition to restoration.
  • Crown repair due to restorative material failure.


  • Pulp caps; therapeutic pulpotomy; endodontic therapy.
  • Apexification/ recalcification; apicoectomy / peri radicular surgery.
  • Retrograde fillings
  • Root canal; root amputation

Periodontal Services:

  • Gingivectomy or gingivoplasty
  • Gingival flap procedure
  • Osseous surgery
  • Periodontal scaling and rooting planing – one every 36 months
  • Full- Mouth debridement to enable comprehensive evaluation and diagnosis.
  • Periodontal maintenance – one every 6 months per individual.


  • Complete and partial dentures for complete dentures to replace missing/ broken teeth.
  • Adjustment and repair of dentures.


  • Limited to one in a lifetime per site and covered as an alternative to a fixed prosthetic only.
  • Cost of fixed prosthetic will be applied to the total value of the implant and implant-related services, not to exceed the cost of the fixed prosthetic.

Oral Surgery:

  • Extraction of erupted tooth; removal of impacted tooth.
  • Incision and drainage of abscess
  • Surgical removal of residual tooth roots (cutting procedure).
  • Excision of hyperplastic tissue; excision of peri coronal gingival

Adjunctive General Services:

  • Deep sedation/ general anesthesia
  • Intravenous conscious sedation / analgesia
  • Treatment of complications (post-surgical)


Do all plans have a waiting period?

No. although some or most dental plans have a waiting period on their services, we work with carriers who waive the waiting period and the enrollment fees. Check out Ameritas Dental plans with no waiting period or enrollment fees. Ameritas Dental will pay on day 1 of the policy.


What is the maximum annual limit on the Dental plans?

It varies by plan. Some plans have Maximum coverage of $1000, $1500, $2000, or even $5000.

Is there a PPO or open network dental network?

Yes. Ameritas and Humana offer open network or any provider Dental plans where you can see any dentist you want in the US, but receive a discount if you see an In-Network dentist.

What are the Vision Networks available?

There are two national vision networks in the US. Eyemed and VSP. Check with your optometrist or vision clinic on whether they accept Eyemed or VSP. Ameritas offers both networks in their vision plans.

How will I receive my Dental and Vision ID cards?

Once your finish enrolling in a plan, you will receive an email from the insurance carrier confirming your application submission. In 10-14 days you will receive a card in the mail. If you want immediate access you can reach to us, we will email you your card.

Can I add my spouse and dependents to Dental and Vision plans?

Yes. You can purchase a family plan for you and your family members.

Does Best Benefit Dental plan has exclusions on coverage?

Yes. Some services are not covered by the plan. Primarily cosmetic services. Please read here for a summary of excluded services. 


Does Dental Insurance cover Orthodontics?

Yes. Best Life Dental Choice Dental Plan, cover Orthodontia services with no waiting periods.

What if my dentist doesn’t accept dental insurance?

Some dentists do not accept dental insurance and thus they are not in network with any particular carrier. However, they can bill your insurance carrier for a list bill. The best option for you in this case is to have a dental plan that pays for out of network providers, like Best Life.


How soon can i have Dental coverage?

You can have your dental coverage start as early as the second day. Ameritas Dental plans offer next day coverage for both Dental and Vision plans.

Dental and Vision Plans:

Dental and vision insurance plans that don’t require a waiting period are increasingly available on the market. You can find them by visiting an insurance comparison website or by contacting us. Most plans don’t have a waiting time for preventive services. But what about major restorative services? Will you be paying a large premium or have to wait more than a year to receive treatment? Fortunately, there are some options available to you.

First, consider the type of coverage you need. There are many types of dental plans, and some have no waiting period at all. If you already have dental insurance, a DPPO plan may be a good fit for you. But if you’re new to the field of dental insurance, you’ll need to research the specific coverage you need. Some plans have a long waiting list, so they’re only ideal for those with a history of dental issues.

The other option is to enroll in dental plans that have no waiting period. These plans typically have no waiting period for basic dental procedures. This is a great option if you have an expensive dental bill or need to have a major procedure. But you should note that some plans have a long wait before major procedures, such as crowns or bridges. Regardless, you should be able to receive treatment without having to worry about a big financial burden.

What are Best Life Dental Exclusions on Coverage?

For a complete listing of benefits, exclusions, and limitations please refer to your policy. In the event of any discrepancies contained in the exclusions below, terms and conditions in the policy documents shall govern. This brochure provides only a summary of information and the benefits and rates may vary by state.

Exclusions: The dental policies provided by Best Life Dental excludes and will not reimburse for the following services or charges.

  • Services provided by anyone other than a doctor of medical dentistry or a doctor of dental surgery, unless a licensed hygienist performs the services under the direction of a doctor of
    medical dentistry or a doctor of dental surgery, or a dentist.
  • Services received while on active duty with a military service of any country or international organization.
  • Services needed because of participation in a riot or insurrection or the commission of a felony.
  • Services needed as a result of a work related injury or illness, whether or not covered under Worker’s Compensation.
  • Services provided by an employer.
  • Services started before your effective date. Examples of excluded services under this paragraph include but are not limited to the following: obtaining an impression for an appliance, or a modification of one, before your effective date; preparing a tooth for a crown, bridge or other lab fabricated restorations before your effective date; opening a pulp chamber for root canal therapy before your effective date.
  • Services required because you failed to comply with professionally prescribed treatment.
  • Telephone consultation services.
  • Charges for your failure to keep a scheduled appointment.
  • Services that are primarily for cosmetic reasons. Examples include alteration or extraction of functional natural teeth for the purpose of changing appearance and replacement of restorations previously performed for cosmetic reasons.
  • Services for Orthodontic treatment and orthodontia type procedures unless this policy defines those services as covered services.
  • Services received for or related to temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ).
  • Charges in excess of the agreed to coverage amounts as shown on the schedule of benefits.
  • Services for correction or alteration of occlusion or any occlusal adjustments.
  • Expenses incurred for night guards or any other appliance for the correction of harmful habits, except as defined as a Covered Dental Expense.
  • Charges for “safe fees” (e.g. gloves, masks, surgical scrubs, and sterilization)
  • Charges for state or territorial taxes associates with dental services.
  • Charges for services received from two or more providers for a single procedure or a course of care. If those charges would have been less if received from one provider and you made the decision to transfer your care during the procedure or course of care.
  • Services that are experimented or investigational. Services that are not within the treating provider scope of practice.
  • Charges for treatment at a hospital.
  • Charges for plaque control programs, oral hygiene instructions, and dietary instructions.
  • Services received outside the United States.
  • Charges for gold foil restorations
  • Charges to replace missed, stolen, or damaged dentures.

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Tony T
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Cassandra Heitman
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arron draper
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I worked with Tarek to find a suitable Medicare plan for my husband. We got it handled in one phone call. I was so impressed! Now I am becoming eligible for Medicare and worked with Tarek again. He was amazing! We found an affordable plan that meets all of my needs. I highly recommend him and will use his services again in the future.
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Kyle Lanza
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Jeffrey Walker
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This is our 2nd time working with Tarek to find the right health insurance policy for my small business. In both cases the knowledge of the changing insurance landscape in Illinois has helped us greatly.
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Craig Baglien
December 18, 2021.
Smart Insurance Agents especially Tarek were extremely helpful in selecting and also answering follow questions on the offering I selected.
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Peter Ward
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Tarek has help me multiple times with finding appropriate insurance options. He listens to specific needs and helps find fitting plans. The process is smooth and quick but also informative. He is very professional and responsive.
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JeongHun Paik
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Very professional and trustworthy! As all the other reviewers posted, Tarek did an awesome job! Thank you!
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Paulina Pietras
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