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Frequently asked questions

What services do Smart Insurance Agents offer?

We are licensed insurance agents in 50 states. We offer Health, Life, Medicare,  Group Health and International Insurance plans. Please visit our Home Page to learn about all plans, carriers, and policies.

What insurance carriers do you work with?

We work with more than 200 insurance carriers in all our lines of business. We are independent health and Medicare agents, that are unbiased nor captive to any specific insurance carrier. We will always advise you to enroll in a plan that makes most sense to your needs.

Do you Charge a Fee for an Insurance Consult?

NO. Our scheduled phone consultations are generally free. In some cases we may have to charge a fee based on the amount of work required.


Do you offer Blue Cross Blue Shield plans?

Yes. We offer BCBS plans in IL, TX, NM,  and OK


How far in advance should I book my appointment?

We try to make our calendars as available as possible. We get really busy during the open enrollment periods. So please make sure to book your appointment a week in advance at least.

Do you offer Group and Small Business plans?

Yes. We have a team of experts dedicated for employer plans or small business plans. Contact us to learn more or visit our Group Insurance page to learn more.

How to Cancel or Change my Appointment?

You will receive a calendar link when you book your phone consult. Use the link send to your email address to cancel to change time.


Can I Book multiple appointments at a time?

No. Please be mindful of others needs and schedule. If you need further help after your appointment, make sure to contact us.


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